Do I even need ARC Approval?

When in doubt, fillit out!

We get this question a lot and sometimes it comes in the way of a violation after work was completed without approval. Let me answer this question a little better for you. To do so, I need to dig a little deeper so hang in there, it will be thourough but I hope easy to understand. In the end, if it isnt clear or you are unsure if you need an ARC Application, send a message to te ARC and ask.

OK. Here we go!

Why does the HOA care and need me to submit an application in the first place?
Good question and the short answer is that we legally have to. The longer version is that when the Pines of Montverde was set up bylaws and covenants were established which you are of course familiar with. The board of directors/officers were then appointed to make sure that they are followed. They enlist the help of an Architectural Review Committee to help with this task. It helps divide the work since we are all volunteer and also allows for more efficient processing. It also helps to ensure that you are followign the HOA guidelines to avoide unnecessary expense later which can include removal of the improvement and fining which can be daily until a violation s corrected.

What kinds of things require an application? This answer is a little less obvious since the bylaws are both lengthy and written by a lawyer so committing them all to memory is challenging. Best bet is that if you are dong a project outside of your house, take a glance at the bylaws and covenants section II (2).

When should I submit an application? The best time to submit an application is when you plan the project. By HOA bylaws, you must allow minimum 30 days prior t othe proposed start date of a project. You will receive a response no later than 15 days from submission but in many cases may be significantly sooner.

What happens if I don't fill out an application? Well, for starters, you would be notified by the HOA that you are in violation. You will be given 30 days to comply with the violation which may include, filling out an application, all the way to removing the improvement if not approved and possibly risk fining.

The following need to be completed prior to work commencing.