How to Get Started on That Project?

"2.3 No improvements may be erected upon a lot without the approval of the plans thereof by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) which shall consist of two (2) members, which shall initially be Jerry Kocielko and Herb Smith. Declaration shall appoint the members to such committee until turnover of the Association to the members as provided for herein. At least thirty (30) days prior to beginning the construction of an improvement, the lot owner shall submit his plans and specifications for such improvements to the ARC for approval. ARC shall review the plans and approve the same or require modifications thereto within fifteen (15) days after submission of such plans and specifications. If modifications are required the lot owner must submit such modifications to the ARC for approval before commencing construction." - Bylaws

Starting a project?

Dont know where to start? Click to get more information on HOA / Town approval process and where to begin your project.

Color Palletes

Information about HOA paint guidelines can be found in the Documents section. To simplify the process of choosing exteriors colors, Sherwin Williams has helped to create a site dedicated to approved color schemes. Click below to view.

Note: All outbuildings shall be of the same construction and color as the primary residence. (Bylaws Section 2.2)